Ourӓks is the title bestowed upon the Khor god-king. Ruler of the Khor herd, the Ourӓks serves as head of state as well as head of the church.

Corronated at birth and sacrificed before maturity, the typical Ourӓks lives out a life of leisure within the estate on the summit of Daktl - the sacred Khor mountain complex.

The first Ourӓks was recognized at the end of the Khor migration to Daktl. Born during the first recorded myrkr - isolated darkness, the umbra of a regular solar eclipse - the first Ourӓks was recognized by a shaman as the universe personified.

The lifespan of each Ourӓks is dictated by the visions of the oracle. Once the oracle envisions the birth of a successor the transistion begins with a search within the herd - it ends with the sacrifice of the current Ourӓks during a myrkr.

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